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THANK YOU FOR VISITING EPOXYDOC.   We sincerely appreciate your business.  We offer the finest quality epoxies, urethanes, and sealers. We have everything you need to install a perfect epoxy floor.  We have products, tools, and detailed instruction on how to install your new floor just like a professional.  We were installers first, before manufacturing our own products.  

OUR MISSION AT EPOXYDOC.  Delivering quality products.  EpoxyDoc is a Utah based company.  In business for 14 years.  We continue to install epoxies, sealers, and concrete coatings in the Utah area.  Salt Lake City to Provo and beyond.  We designed the best epoxies in the business for the professional installer and do it yourself market.  By continuing to install our own products, we are able to test and prove the performance of our epoxies and sealers over time.  We make sure you get the right products for your project.

WHY SHOP AT EPOXYDOC?     We install coatings every day.  Lots of companies sell epoxies and sealers.  We sell epoxies and sealers and know how to install them which is the most important part.  We have thousands of square feet installed and understand techniques, performance, and know what and what not to do.  We hope that is important to you.   We also created a website that was easy to understand and navigate including the following. 

  • How to order guide
  • Training on how to install all our products
  • Proper floor prep to insure a perfect bond
  • 5 secrets that professionals use to achieve a showroom like finish
  • Customer service to address the needs of our customers
  • Fast and efficient shipping
  • Products that perform over the years 

SAFE AND SECURE SHOPPING.   Shopping with EpoxyDoc is safe and secure.  We use an SSL certificate that protects your privacy. Your check out process is protected all the way.  We protect your personal information as well.  We are always available by phone during normal business hours or you can email us during off hours.  When you order from EpoxyDoc we make sure your products get shipped out fast and efficient.  We work with different shipping companies to get the best price to save you even more money.

Thank you for shopping with EpoxyDoc

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