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SEALS ALL is a water base penetrating sealer.  It is a rubber silicone solution that is applied in one coat by sprayer. When applied properly it forms a barrier that makes the surface of concrete, wood, stucco, stone, and other porous substrates resistant to pentration by water and other liquids.  

SEALS ALL is not a topical coating and will not change the look or feel of the surface substrate.  Air is allowed to permeate the surface making it possible to still breath.  Expansion and contraction are not an issue with Seals All making it a one of a kind penetrating sealer.   The rubber silcone expands and stretches within the substrate and is UV resistant.   Seals All works for up to 15 years.

SEALS ALL works great on porous surfaces.  Seals All prolongs the life, beauty, and functionality for many years.  It is easily applied and works to keep all your porous surfaces safe from damage due to rain, snow, salts, and UV light.


SEALS ALL produces a clear penetrating film.   Seals All is not a sealer that produces a glossy surface like acryllics and urethanes.    It does not discolor and degrade from U.V. light.  SEALS ALL provides for maximum liquid and water repellency for all porous surfaces. and helps protect them from salts and acid rains.  SEALS ALL is easy to apply, from do it yourselfer or contractor pro.   SEALS ALL HELPS PREVENT AND CONTROL CONCRETE SPALLING.


  1. Apply to a clean surface.
  2. Power wash if need be.
  3. Apply by garden sprayer.
  4. Avoid over spray on landscape and decorative objects.
  5. Clean up with soap and water.
  6. New concrete should cure 30 days.
  7. Trial area is recommended before applying in full area.
  8. Apply during cooler times of the day. Apply above 40 degrees.
  9. Cure time 24-48 hrs. Do not apply if bad weather is obvious.


  • Block and Brick   150 sq.ft./gallon
  • Concrete     200 - 250 sq.ft./gallon
  • Stone                   250 sq.ft./gallon
  • Stucco                 175 sq.ft./gallon
  • Wood and Tile     250 sq.ft./gallon

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