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Metallic Epoxy

Dazzling Effects With Epoxydoc Metallic Epoxy


METALLIC EPOXY  Order Epoxydoc 101 100% solids epoxy and add 2 pre-measured paks of metallic color to each gallon and half of epoxy mix. 


  • 2 metallic color paks per  1 1/2 gallon clear epoxy.
  • 1 1/2 gallon of epoxy mix will do 20 mils @ 120 sq.ft. per 1 1/2 gallon.  

Example: If you have a 250 Sq.ft. area you will need

  • 3 gallon kit of epoxydoc 101
  • 6 color paks metallics

To mix:  Use a clean 3 gallon bucket.  Add part A clear Epoxydoc DOC101 epoxy (1 gallon) to a clean bucket.  Mix 2 color paks metallics slowly a little at a time.  Mix until complete.  When ready to use, mix part B, 1/2 gallon for 3 minutes.   Pot life is 30 minutes.  Please see our video training.  Click here for -Metallic Color Charts-