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Concrete Repair Materials - Crack Repair - Joint fill - Crack Paste
Repair Mortars

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  • REPAIR MORTAR Epoxy/Aggregate 1.5 gal. kit

    DOC 301 - Repair Mortar is used to fill deep spalls and badly damaged concrete.  Concrete can become damaged especially in freeze thaw areas.  Doc 301 epoxy and aggregate, when mixed together creates a mortar.  It fills holes and...

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  • EpoxyDoc crack filler paste.  fill small cracks in concrete before applying epoxy top coats.

    CRACK FILLER PASTE Epoxy 2-Quart Kit

    DOC 302 - Crack Filler Paste is a 100% solids epoxy paste.   This easy to use product fills and pastes small to medium cracks.  Cracks in concrete need to be filled before applying epoxy to prevent those cracks from showing up in the...

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  • EpoxyDoc moisture vapor barrier controls moisture emission in concrete.  EpoxyDoc moisture vapor barrier controls moisture emission in concrete.


    DOC 120 - Moisture Vapor Barrier is a two component 100% solids epoxy seal that can help control moisture vapor emission rates up to 20 lb/24hr/1000 square feet.  Doc 120 primer can be used prior to application of a variety of flooring systems...

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  • fast setting crack repair for concrete quick crack repair for concrete

    QUICK CRACK REPAIR Polymer 2-Quart Kit

    DOC 340 - Quick crack repair is a two component hybrid urethane designed for quick crack repair in concrete.  DOC 340 has low viscosity to allow deep penetration into concrete creating a high strength bond.  It is bottled in easy to pour...

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  • EpoxyDoc oil stop epoxy eliminates oil from wicking to the surface after applying epoxy top coat.  If concrete has been contaminated with oil, apply oil stop epoxy.

    OIL STOP EPOXY PRIMER 2-quart kit

    DOC 103 - Oil Stop Epoxy Primer  is intended to be used in areas where heavy oil has had time to accumulate in large amounts.  Oil and grease can be a bond breaker between epoxy and concrete. Further complications arise when oil wicks up...

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