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 Epoxydoc Reviews

1.       Thanks for all your help.   I learned a lot and how important it is to choose your products wisely.  Your training helped a lot as well.  My floor looks amazing.         Mike Davis   Murray Utah 

2.      I have 3 large barns that needed the floor coated with epoxy.   I live on a farm in Ohio and wanted to do the job myself to save money.   After contacting you and asking your advice, I decided to use the epoxydoc products.   On your advice I did hire a company to prep the floor using shot blasting equipment.   After they finished preparing the floor it was ready to apply epoxy.   It was easy and I found the products user friendly.   Even with heavy equipment in and out of the buildings, my floors still look good as new.  Thanks for everything.          John Takacs   Ohio 

3.       Hey, Ed here from Las Vegas again.   Thanks for your help with my new garage floor.  I was most impressed with the advice you gave me.   The cracks in my garage were a big worry for me and I did not know what to do.  Fixing the cracks was easy with your crack repair products.  I applied the epoxy and the floor looks amazing.   Looks like new.   I love the clean appearance.     I recommend Epoxydoc to anyone that wants an amazing floor.          Ed Las Vegas, Nevada. 

4.       Home builder from draper Utah.  I build custom homes and demand the best in my finished product.   I have used Epoxydoc for several homes now and I am more than pleased with their products and service.  I recommend Epoxydoc products for anyone that demands the best.        Kellert Greenlaw  GC Homes     contractor 

5.       I am writing today to say thanks for your help and appreciation for your patience.  You took the time to answer my many questions.   I wanted to make sure I did things correctly and your advice and training videos helped alot.  Take care   Terry Austin         


6.       I am a contractor in Waco, TX.  I use Epoxydoc products because they work great.  We install hundreds of feet of epoxy in warehouses and garages each year.   I’ve never had any complaints with the product.   Also I know the owner of Epoxydoc and they are always there for any tech support we need.  There is never a question about their service.   Try them you won’t be sorry you did.    Dean P.     Waco TX 

7.      Just installed my new garage.   Wow it looks amazing.   The training videos answered all my questions and I didn’t even need to call you guys.  Super easy and I love it.  Thanks        Dan Peck  Phoenix, AZ 

8.      I recommend everyone do a garage makeover.  It makes your garage look amazing.  The floor stays a lot cleaner and having the garage organized was something I always wanted to do.  The epoxydoc products are great.   Any questions I had were answered.    I did run into a problem that required we fix the concrete.   The concrete had fallen apart in a few areas.  There were some small to medium sized holes.  I used a product that Epoxydoc has that fills in holes and self levels, making it even with the floor.  After applying the epoxy you couldn’t tell the holes were ever there.   I recommend epoxydoc.    Martha Y.  San Antonio 

9.       I recommend Epoxydoc.   These guys know their stuff.      Dave K.   Las Vegas.NV

10.      I am the owner of a distribution company in Orem, Utah called Contec Supply.  I distribute and use the Epoxydoc line of  products including epoxies and sealers.  My company also distributes several other brands of concrete coatings for the decorative concrete trades.  Distribution covers all of Utah and Idaho.  A big part of my company is training.   I hold training classes every month teaching professional installers and anyone interested in learning how to install all products properly.   Currently epoxy floor paint is a popular product to install in garages.    The market is popular because people want to have a garage makeover and keep a neat and clean appearance.   Epoxydoc products are great because they are durable, easy to use, and look beautiful.  Recently we did over 5000 square feet of epoxy for a custom home.  The cost of the home was over 50 million dollars.   The owner of the home picked us as the contractor of choice to install epoxy floors and water proof decking.  That should say something about the quality of all of our products.        Duane     Contec Supply    Orem Utah 

11.     Thanks appreciated all your help.  I could not make a decision on what to do with color and chips.   I made a call and you helped me decide right away what to do.   Love the new garage and it was surprisingly easy to do.    Jim H. Park City, Utah 

12.      This product works great for my utility rooms.   I have 3 rooms that needed epoxy.  I used the guys that work for me to apply it.  I included a picture to show how great this stuff works.   The floor is water proof now and much easier to keep clean.     enjoy.  Thanks           Sven Bensen 


13.      Before I began this project my garage was covered in oil and grease.   It looked terrible, like an old mechanics garage.   I didn’t even want to park my car inside.   Bruce told me how to clean it and prepare it properly before I applied the epoxy from epoxydoc.    Amazingly simple to install and it looks like a brand new garage.    I love it now and it’s a great way to refresh an old looking garage.            Chevy H. 


14.      Sending you a picture of my garage close up wanted to get your feed back on it.   I wanted to make sure I applied the chips correctly and put them down evenly thanks your technique works great.          Alex in Canada 


15.       Just sending you guys a big thank you for helping me fix a problem that I had no idea what to do with it.    The front entry of the garage as you know had deep pits in it because of a freeze thaw problem we have here.   Water collects at the front of the garage from rain and snow and then freezes at night and then thaws in the afternoon.   This caused the concrete to break apart.   So thanks Bruce for your help because as you know I used your Epoxydoc repair mortar to fill the holes, then applied epoxy over the entire garage with a protective sealer.    Problem solved.   The garage looks amazing.  I want to recommend these guys to anyone thinking of using Epoxydoc.      Lee Bishop general contractor 

16.      Hi my name is Jeff Gordon.  I have a small one car garage and condo.   I was tired of the oil and grease and dirty appearance.  I ordered the half kit, watched the training video on the website and installed my new floor.   Not only does it look great, but I like the fact that I can keep it neat and clean.   It’s easy to do and I just wanted to send in this letter to recommend these guys.     Jeff Gordon     Cottonwood Heights  

17.      I highly recommend and endorse Epoxydoc for epoxy and sealer products.   I am a full time marketing consultant and internet marketing instructor.   I have known Bruce the owner of Epoxydoc  for several years.   He demonstrates integrity and trust in all his business dealings.  Bruce understands the floor coating business because of his many years installing different flooring products.  I can assure you he knows his stuff.   I highly recommend you give Epoxydoc a try.       Dan D.