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What to Order Guide


The average professional installer using 100% solids epoxy will charge between $3 and $5 per square foot.   For a 500 square foot floor that can mean $1500 to $2500.  Epoxydoc's 100% solids epoxy, and step by step instructions will save you hundreds and even thousands of dollars by doing it yourself.   Remember, this is not a water based epoxy you purchase at your local hardware or paint store.   This is 100% solids epoxy.   We provide complete instruction for all our products.    You can -PRINT THIS PAGEand use it as a reference to help you know exactly what you'll need to complete your project.   When ordering simply follow this work sheet.  

   1.    ORDER YOUR EPOXY KIT.  If you don't need the full epoxy kit you can also order epoxy only.  You can find all our products on the home page under  "shop by category".  You can also click -ORDER EPOXY KITS-, or -EPOXIES- to view our products now.  Choose the right kit according to the square footage you need for your area.  

HOW TO DETERMINE HOW MUCH EPOXY YOU NEED.  To determine the proper square footage, measure the length by the width of your garage in linear feet and multiply the two numbers.  If you have a length of 20 feet by 23 feet wide you would multiply the two and get a total of 460 square feet. 

You would order our full kit enough to finish 500 feet.  If ordering epoxy only you would need 3 gallons. (epoxy applied @ 10 mils is 160 sq.ft./gal).  All our epoxy kits include everything you need to install your new garage epoxy floor.  There are a few inexpensive things you will need to pick up at the hardware or paint store that will help you with preparing your concrete floor.  See number 8 Below.

___________________________Kit     W__________x___________L =______________square footage    

   2.   CHOOSE EPOXY COLOR AND COLOR CHIP COMBINATION.  You will be given a choice once you choose your kit.  Images of colors and chips can be seen by clicking -COLORS AND CHIPS CHART- located on the home page under "shop by gategory".

___________________________Color         ____________________Chip number 

   3.    IS YOUR CONCRETE FLOOR DAMAGED?   Is there concrete spalling, (concrete flaking, peeling) holes, or broken concrete?   You will need to repair this with our quick and easy repair mortar.  Click on and Order -EPOXYDOC REPAIR MORTAR MIX- You can also find this product under REPAIR MATERIALS on the home page.


   4.   CRACKS IN YOUR CONCRETE?   These can be small to medium cracks running throughout your concrete floor.  These cracks NEED to be filled with our Epoxydoc Crack Filler Paste.  Epoxy is self leveling and will run down into the crack.  Epoxydoc filler paste will prevent this from happening.  Click on and order -EPOXYDOC CRACK FILLER PASTE-  You can also find this product under REPAIR MATERIALS on the home page. 


   5.   HEAVY OIL ACCUMILATION ON YOUR CONCRETE FLOOR?  Oil can collect on the concrete surface from cars or other machinery?  Oil penetrates deep into the pores of the concrete and can "wick" to the surface later, staining your newly installed epoxy floor or worse, cause delamination.  For control of this problem use, Epoxydoc oil stop.  

Apply oil stop epoxy over contaiminated areas to prevent future problems before installing epoxy coatings.   Small areas of oil are not a concern because the cleaner will be sufficient.  Click on and order -EPOXYDOC OIL STOP- You can also find this product under REPAIR MATERIALS on the home page.


   6.    NEED INSTALL TOOLS?   Spiked shoes, extra rollers, extra brushes.  Order these by going to -INSTALL TOOLS- located on the home page under "shop by gategory".


    7.    SEALING YOUR CONCRETE.   We highly recommend you finish your floor with one of our Epoxydoc sealers.  It is not necessary in all cases especially if your floor is completely indoors away from sunlight.  Sealers add extra protection, beauty, and UV stability to your floor.  Sealers are a clear top coat that go on top of epoxy. 

Sealers add depth and beauty to your floor while making it easier to clean.  As a professional installer myself I always finish with a sealer.  If your floor will be subjected to sunlight you will need a sealer to protect your floor from UV damage.   Epoxy will yellow and amber when subjected to sunlight.  Sealers create a hard finish that adds strength.  Click on and order -SEALERS-  You can also find these products under SEALERS on the home page.


    8.    THE MOST IMPORTANT STEP.  To achieve a professional result you need proper floor prep.   You will need some additional things to prep the floor correctly.  These can be located at hardware and paint stores, home depot, lowes, and equipment rental stores.  Preparing your concrete floor properly insures you get the best bond possible between epoxy and concrete.  This is one of the secrets to making sure your epoxy floor lasts for many years to come.  NEVER SKIP THIS STEP.  Concrete needs to be clean and have a good profile for epoxy to bond properly.  If possible prepare concrete by shot blast or grinding.  If not available, the method below is the easiest and least expensive way to achieve proper prep.  

  • RENT A POWER WASHER, if you do not already own one.  You need to power wash the concrete to remove dirt hiding deep in the concrete.    Having a clean floor is vital to proper bonding.  Cost to rent a power washer for a few hours is minimal.  You can find this at equipment rental stores, home depot, and lowes.  Please view our training video on proper power washing technique.  Click -HOW TO VIDEOS- to learn more.
  • MURATIC ACID, is applied to concrete to open pores in concrete.  This is called acid etching.  Muratic acid is inexpensive to purchase.  If you prefer you can purchase our green etching and cleaning product by clicking and ordering -EPOXYDOC CLEANING SOLUTIONS-   Etching the concrete will create a better bond for the epoxy.  Remember this is not difficult to do, safe, and inexpensive.   Buy 1 to 2 gallons of muriatic acid (depending on the size of your project, 1 gallon for one car garage, 2 gallon for two car garage, etc.)  Please remember to wear eye protection, rubber gloves, and rubber boots when applying muratic acid.  ALWAYS pour acid into the water when diluting.   Dilution rate will be 3 parts water 1 part muratic acid.    To purchase muriatic acid go to paint and hardware stores, lowes, home depot.  Watch our videos on proper mixing and application of muratic acid etching.  Click here - HOW TO VIDEOS-
  • XYLENE used for diluting the epoxy by 5%, if need be.  By cutting the epoxy it can help it flow better depending on where you live ( temperature, humidity, etc.).  Also helps with cleanup.  Can be purchased at paint and hardware stores, lowes, home depot.

 See all our "how to videos"  for each step.  It takes about 2 days to complete your epoxy garage.  


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