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Hello, thank you so much for visiting EPOXYDOC.  We have been in the coatings business for over 15 years and still apply many differnet coatings in our local market to this day.  Please feel free to visit SALTLAKECONCRETECOATINGS.  

We continue to develop and test our products in the field to make sure they stand up to the highest of standards. We take great pride in the beauty of the finish and the performance of each product. We wanted to make our products easy to use and provide the best online training so that you could install a flawless floor every time. 

Our products are used by professionals as well as do it yourselfers, that’s how good our epoxies are. We are always available to answer your questions and help you plan your project.   In this way we hope to earn your trust and do business with you now and in the future. 

There are many epoxy manufacturers.  So what’s the difference and how can you make the right choice when choosing an epoxy for your garage, warehouse, or concrete floor, and what company should you buy from?

Epoxydoc manufactures epoxies, sealers, repair materials,  and other surface coatings.  What makes Epoxydoc so great is that we are installers first before becaming manufacturers.  Not many companies can make that claim. We took the knowledge we learned in the field and then created a product that was incredibly durable, long lasting, and easy to install, and perfect for the installer.  

Most all companies that sell epoxies to the do it yourself market, including online and store front, most likely have little to no experience installing epoxy floors themselves.   Because of our many years installing concrete coatings we want to share our install experience with you.

Here are some things we did to improve our products and services.   

  • Epoxies, urethanes applied in one pass
  • Detailed online training to help you install like a pro
  • Finishes that beat out the competion, check our images gallery
  • Downloadable "WHAT TO ORDER GUIDE" shows you what you will need
  • Many colors and chips available 
  • Tech support for install and design questions
  • Best price GUARANTEED

Epoxydoc manufactures the highest quality products.  Our 100% solids epoxy floor coating is the best epoxy system you can buy. 100%solids epoxy refers to the volume solids in a coating system.   It’s what is left over after the epoxycoating dries.  100% solids epoxy will yield 100% dried material.  You need about 10 to 12 mills of thickness for your garage floor to make it durable, tough, and long lasting.   Epoxydoc achieves this in one pass.  

Other epoxies require multiple passes to achieve the same thickness.  If you buy a product that is water based epoxy the dry film thickness will be about 2 or 3 mils.  In order to achieve 10 to 12 mils you will need 4 coats which in the long run will cost you time and money.  Our top coat aliphatic urethane which we recommend you apply over epoxy is 70% solids and will add another 4 mils.

Time and time again we have seen epoxy failures, including chipping, peeling, and other unforseeable problems.   This results from improper installation, improper floor prep, and choosing the wrong product.  Epoxy is an incredible product used in millions and millions of square feet of warehouse and garage space every year.  Its performance is undeniable. 

We can help you avoid any problems by helping you choose the right products for the job.         

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